gill shreeve


Reading & Research

Light & Photomedia: a new history and future of the photographic image, Jai McKenzie

Why People Get Lost: the Psychology and Neuroscience of Spatial Cognition, Paul A. Dudchenko 

A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Rebecca Solnit

Pieces of Light, Charles Fernyhough

Making: Anthropology, Archeology, Art & Architecture, Tim Ingold

In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki

The Mind in the Cave, David Lewis - Williams

The Brain is Wider tham the Sky, Brian Appleyard


Inside Out/Outside In, 2017

MFA Show 2017, Newcastle University

The complex visual stimulus while looking out of the train window on my daily train journey, combined with my interest in way finding has led me to investigate how we perceive and make sense of the spaces we inhabit.

During the first year of my Fine Art masters programme, I created a series of cut paper apertures with, and through which I experimented with perception of natural light, space and movement using installation, video and photographs.

In the making of Inside Out/Outside In, 2017 I thought of the room it occupies as a type of perspective box, taking the space beyond its architectural confines, through the window and into the space outside. The window acts as a transparent portal between the exterior and interior, like an eye between external physical space and the internal spaces we inhabit in memories, dreams, books and music. using paper and acetate shetts allowed me to create a lightness and slightness, treading the boundary of the perceptible and imperceptible, the tangilble and intangible.

InsideOut/Outside In invites us to consider our positioning both within and beyond the immediate visible space and to question how we look and see. It reflects on our experience of the real, alongside representations of the real, through our continual image making.